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The Educational Outreach Development Process

As you begin working on your production proposal and are articulating your film's goals, basic structure, and content focus, it's time to consider your educational outreach plan. This is the best time to bring in educational consultants (either within your station or presenting station, or through an educational outreach consultant). The basic development process looks like this:

Defining Audience & Goals

What audiences would you like to reach, and what messages, experience, or content do you want them to come away with or master? Keep in mind the ballpark budget you plan to work with.

Collaborating with Partners

What role would you like your partners to play? Why would they want to partner with you?

Defining Educational Content

What themes and topics do you want to convey to your audience? Consult advisors and partners and review educational standards and teaching and learning practices as you focus your decision.

Choosing Appropriate Media

What is the best delivery method for your content? (print, Web, video, CD-ROM, face-to-face contact)? What technologies are available to your audience?

Budgeting & Scheduling

Your base outreach budget will generally fall around 5-10% of your overall production budget. You can always establish a baseline with additional activities you can undertake once the base is funded.

Determining Rights Needs

How much time will you need before broadcast to produce your different elements and work with your partners, and how much time will you need post-broadcast to support outreach participants and update or maintain your networks and materials?

Evaluating Your Efforts

When you revisit your goals, activities, and materials with evaluation in mind, can they be evaluated? How should you revise your plans to make your goals more concrete and realizable?

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