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Who Can Help Me?

As you develop your proposal, you may want to engage the services of either an educational outreach staff person from your presenting station or an independent consultant to serve as your project's educational outreach manager. If your series targets children ages 0 to 8, you should become familiar with the PBS Ready To Learn service.

National outreach campaigns are generally launched in one of two ways. If you are affiliated (either as staff or in a presenting-station relationship) with a major producing station, the station outreach department or the consultants it generally works with can help you develop and later implement your educational outreach initiatives. Try to involve the station's outreach staff as early as possible in your production development process. The more time you give staff members to develop the educational outreach elements of your project, the stronger your proposal and project will be.

If you're an independent producer without access to a presenting station's outreach department, an independent educational outreach consultant can help you develop, budget, and implement your educational outreach plan. The National Center for Outreach (NCO) maintains a list of educational outreach consultants that it will share with you. The NCO Pipeline, which lists on its Web site upcoming PBS-related outreach projects, is also a good resource. You could look for projects similar to yours in the Pipeline and see who is handling the outreach to try to identify a good match. PBS can also provide editorial assistance (see below). Check the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's (CPB) Web site ( or to see if there are any systemwide initiatives around a similar topic that can serve as an umbrella for your project. In addition, you may also want to attend the PBS Ready To Learn annual professional development seminar and the NCO annual conference, where you can network with educational outreach professionals and consultants and hear about other projects.

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