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Getting Started

Download as PDF (68 KB)

     What is Educational Outreach?
          Formal vs. Informal Education

     Who Can Help Me?
          PBS Ready To Learn
          National Center for Outreach
          Educational Outreach Manager


Download as PDF (120 KB)

     Defining Audience & Goals

     Collaborating with Partners
          Working with Public Television Stations
          Educational Organizations

     Defining Educational Content
          Working with Advisors

     Choosing Appropriate Media

     Budgeting & Scheduling

     Determining Rights Needs

     Evaluating Your Efforts
          Finding an Evaluator
          Focus Groups
              Sample Teacher Screener (PDF)
              Sample Recruitment Checklist
              Sample Confirmation Letter
              Sample Discussion Guide Outline


     Download as PDF (112 KB)

          Types of Print Media
               Pre-Broadcast Materials
               Teacher's Guides & Teacher's Kits
               Targeted Materials

          Print Production & Distribution
               Get Started
               Hire Writers & Advisors
               Develop Content
                   Sample Bookmap
               Review Content
               Edit Content
               Design & Print

          Print Budgeting

          Print Scheduling

     Download as PDF (112 KB)

          Types of Web/Interactive Media
               Building a Digital Library

          Web/Interactive Media Elements

          Writing for Children's Web Sites

          Web Production & Distribution
               Project Plan
               Proof of Concept
               Beta Production
               Beta Delivery
               Final Delivery & Launch

          Web Budgeting & Scheduling

     Download as PDF (84 KB)

          Types of Video

          Video Production & Distribution

               Professional Development Video Production & Distribution
                    Develop the Concept
                    Design the Project
                    Assemble the Team

               Enhanced DVD Production & Distribution

               Video Production for the Web

          Video Budgeting

     Person-to-Person Activities
     Download as PDF (92 KB)

          Types of Person-to-Person Activities
               Trainings & Workshops
               Ready To Learn Workshops
                 The Learning Triangle
               Model Sites
               Creating Awareness

          Budgeting Person-to-Person Activities

          Workshop Planning
               Workshop Scheduling
               Sample Workshop Agenda
               Sample Workshop Evaluation Questionnaire

Case Studies

Download as PDF (208 KB)



     Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

     Sesame Street


Research & Resources

Download as PDF (116 KB)

     Educational Standards
          Understanding & Finding Standards

     Making Media Accessible
          Creating Accessible Web Sites
          Creating Accessible Digital Multimedia
          Creating Accessible Analog & Print Media

     Cooperative Learning

     Multiple Intelligences
          Definitions & Examples

     The 5 E's

     Additional Teaching & Learning Strategies

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