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Determining Rights Needs

Detail of materials license

As technology changes and creates new teaching environments, we need to examine the implications it has on the use of media and media assets. The technologies used today are evolving and changing, allowing for the expansion of how media can be used, repurposed, and distributed. They are also changing how you as a producer must think about the media assets you hold. You have toiled long and hard over your project -- don't you want to get the greatest possible use out of the media, not just at this moment in time, but for as long as the information is useful?

Educational materials typically have been cleared for A/V usage. With the advent of the Internet, there's another category of rights you may need to clear. This is especially important if you want teachers and students to be able to use your materials at home.

For all of your new productions, make sure you clear rights for third-party materials, music, talent, etc. Clear as much as you can up front within your budgetary limits. It may be prohibitively expensive to clear your entire program for all categories of rights. If you need to be selective, think about which elements of your program(s) would be most useful for meeting your educational objectives, and clear or arrange options to clear those elements.

Web streaming and datacasting are technologies that change how teachers can use the content you are creating. Have you done all you need to do to make that material available for these new technologies? For example, have all of your on- and off-camera talent or those who provide copyrighted material for your project sign releases that will allow for use on the Web and other platforms or technologies. Are your music rights licensed for new media? What about organizations that would like to use your material and make it available to schools through a datacast delivery system? Have you made sure that you can legally license your material to other organizations?

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