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Evaluating Your Efforts:

Focus Groups

Sample Teacher Screener (PDF) | Sample Recruitment Checklist
Sample Confirmation Letter | Sample Discussion Guide Outline

Sample Focus Group Recruitment Checklist

  • Call established contact references

  • Order school directory for state

  • Call/send faxes/e-mails to the following:
    • Individual schools (address to department chair)
    • Superintendents
    • Applicable district/county personnel

  • Use this Web site to find additional schools:
  • Contact local organizations, museums, colleges, and universities

  • Post recruitment letter on appropriate Web-based bulletin boards

In this section:
    Defining Audience
    & Goals

    Collaborating with

    Educational Content

    Choosing Appropriate

    & Scheduling

    Rights Needs

    Evaluating Your Efforts

        Finding an Evaluator

>      Focus Groups

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