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Develop the Concept

Developing a concept for your Web site is part of the project proposal process. As you begin the process, you should determine the site's target audience and what you expect them to get from the site. You should also determine how the site relates to the rest of your project. Some good questions to ask yourself include the following:

  • What kinds of questions will your program raise that will drive the audience to your educational site?
  • Is there content from the program that you'd like to present again, but in a medium that will remain accessible beyond the broadcast window?
  • Is there content that's key to the subject which you can't or don't have time to present well in the program, but which might work on the Web?
  • Is there another important audience in addition to the target audience for the video program whom your content can serve?
  • Will the site serve formal education (use in classrooms or professional development) or informal education (for a general audience)?
  • What level of budget will be available for the site? How can the scope and complexity of the site be tailored to match the budget?
  • Who are the key project people who can work or advise on and review the content for the site? What are their areas of expertise, and where will you need to supplement their knowledge?

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