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Coordinate with the Project Team

Once you've gotten funding for the site and have identified your Web production team, you're ready to begin pre-production. Your lead content person, lead graphic designer, and lead Web developer should all participate in this phase. These people should maintain communication with some of their counterparts on the video production team to ensure that any materials related to the video that have an impact on the Web site are compatible and available when the time to use them comes.

Some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Are storyboards, transcripts, research materials, and annotated logs accessible in some way to the Web team?
  • Can the Web team see treatments/rough cuts/fine cuts of the video?
  • Do the appearance, talent, and location releases cover publication on the Web? If not, are reasonable options available to the Web team? Also, think about ways that you may want to use talent for the Web. For example, you may want to create an interactive feature that makes use of an animated character's voice. In such a case, try to make arrangements with the talent at the contract stage.
  • Are third-party materials covered for use on the Web? Perhaps the most formidable planning issue with kids' series is the securing of third-party materials and the rights to use them. In 2004, most of the kids' series in production or development for PBS are with outside production partners and animators. If possible, contracts with these parties should require delivery of all source files that will be needed to produce the site.
  • Are graphic-design decisions being made so that key elements (fonts, logos, color) are compatible with Web display?

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