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Types of Video

Professional Development Video for Educators
Enhanced DVD | Video for the Web

Professional Development Video for Educators

Educators need, want, and benefit from seeing examples of effective practice. A video presentation can focus on particular educational content standards related to your program, or it can show how educators are using your project resources with real kids. A similar approach can be used for informal educators (after-school providers, museum educators) and parents. For example, the Mister Rogers' Child Care Video Library offers specific strategies for helping parents deal with children's angry feelings, problems with friendship, and other topics.

Professional Development Video Production & Distribution

Enhanced DVD

DVDs have a digital advantage over VHS formats as educational outreach materials. They offer easy access to scene selection, eliminating the guesswork of finding a particular scene on tape. Also, enhancements can be created and packaged with the broadcast program, creating an experience that can be analogous to broadband delivery of supplemental materials. These enhancements can be tailored to curriculum objectives and provide additional information in a compelling and accessible format for children, especially in settings without Internet connections.

Enhanced DVD Production & Distribution

Video for the Web

When you produce video for the Web, you need to balance video production values and Web production values. Both should serve the educational mission. Ultimately, Web video appears in a context in which it is surrounded by other material, such as text, navigation, images, even computer desktop clutter. Accordingly, it is generally a small part of the overall presentation and must work within that presentation rather than seek to dominate it.

Video Production for the Web

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