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During pre-production, develop criteria for selecting a classroom or field location to use when you videotape the lesson. Revisit your earlier question: What are you trying to capture? Then develop a process for gathering data from sites. Plan to collect data on many more sites than you will actually videotape.

If you're at a school, develop a protocol for how you will approach and communicate with the school representatives; for example, the superintendent's office, the principal, teachers, and parents.

Next, survey the sites, and review survey tapes with advisors against their list of site-selection criteria.

Once the sites are selected, work closely with the teachers to identify what they are already doing, their strengths, and the needs of your project. Select the dates, times, and goals of your visits for videotaping. All along, remember to get clearances -- from parents, teachers, the school district office, etc. In preparation for the shoot days, talk with each teacher to clarify what she will be teaching and how she expects the lesson to progress. Knowing this information will allow you to keep interruptions to a minimum.

Coordinate with others working on the educational outreach components of your project, such as Web site or print producers, to determine the artifacts they will need. For example, they may want materials such as student work, teacher-developed materials, textbooks, posters, or assessment instruments to incorporate into their educational outreach components.

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