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Post-production, like production, is no different for teacher professional development videos than it is for other programs. It's always helpful to do a paper cut, assemble materials into a rough cut, and have the rough cut reviewed by advisors. Ask advisors to respond to the tape in writing. They should view the rough cut for clarity, educational rigor, accuracy, and usefulness to the target audience. This is also an opportunity to focus the lesson to better meet the objectives that have been defined for the video. They may not always agree. Part of your job is to balance advisor responses. You may also want to convene a series of focus groups to review the videos.

At this stage, answers to the following kinds of questions will help you further refine your videos:

  • Do you need narration?
  • How much background information (context) on the school, students, and teacher(s) do you need to provide your audience?
  • How much do you let the viewer observe vs. how much do you tell the viewer?
  • If you hire a narrator, what is the appropriate tone?
  • What are the technical considerations? For example, if you are using an Avid system, how much of the footage do you digitize?
  • What resources did the teacher use that you will need to clear?
  • What will your video open be?
  • Will you have theme music?

As a final check, advisors should review the fine cut prior to narration record, music, online, and mix. This review is meant to catch any last-minute glitches. Finalize your packaging elements as you would with any other production.

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