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To support your educational outreach and training efforts, you may decide to create additional videos, geared toward adult caregivers, teachers, librarians, and other formal and informal educators, that illuminate the curriculum underlying your program and model appropriate behaviors and teaching methods to meet your goals.

Video provides opportunities to watch other teachers and caregivers in action, implementing specific strategies and content in recognizable settings, through a process that unfolds over time. For example, the Between the Lions team created a video for parent workshops called Leading the Way to Literacy, which modeled effective strategies for building children's early reading skills at home.

If you'd like to find out more about the production of different video formats, check out the Enhancing Education site for general-audience producers.

Characteristics of Video Media
  • Video is the medium that you, as a producer, are most familiar with.

  • Video can be distributed as "hard copy" on videocassette or DVD, digitized and delivered on the Web or CD, or distributed through specialized educational channels.

  • Video is especially good at telling a story or showing things that require narrative structure or moving images.

  • Video often has an emotional impact. It's great at "taking you there and making you care."

  • VCRs are widely accessible in both classrooms and informal educational settings.

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