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It may not be feasible to launch a full-scale, yearlong educational outreach project around a limited series or one-hour special. Still, you can produce many different kinds of live events to introduce your project and resources directly to your target audience. These events can become, in a sense, your project's ambassadors. One event that's easily produced is a preview screening, with or without a panel of experts. You can either provide local public television stations or your partners the resources to organize local screenings, or organize them yourself in a limited number of communities. If you organize the screenings, make sure to inform the local PTV station of what you're doing. The station will want to know what's happening in its community and may be able to support and promote your efforts. Other kinds of events you could organize or suggest to local partners include the following:

  • Local family events focusing on your series' content (e.g., health and wellness, literacy, science), with information about local resources, hands-on activities for kids, and television monitors playing your program
  • Forums or town meetings for parents or educators on the local implications of your topic, using program clips or local experts as catalysts for discussion
  • One-time online chats with the producer or talent
  • Weekly family activities at local public libraries, like the Between the Lions Read Aloud Book Club

The topic of your program or series will dictate the kinds of events that make sense. For example, to accompany Arthur's Hooray for Health! outreach initiative, local stations held health fairs and organized fun, health-related activities as part of larger citywide events, like local Walks for Diabetes.

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