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Budgeting Person-to-Person Activities

Many of the resources you will use for your person-to-person educational outreach will be created by the staff working on the accompanying video, Web, or print materials. Make sure, however, that your needs are included in those budgets. For instance, have the activity guides you need to support your efforts been included in the budget? If other team members have not accounted for your needs, make sure to include a print overrun line in your budget.

You should also consider how to support your partners or trainees or model sites: Do you need to create a listserv or a bulletin board on the Web site? Do you plan to have periodic conference calls with partners? In general, make sure to budget enough for telephone and postage, since so much of your work will be focused on communication, follow-up, and end-user support.

In addition, consider including the following in your budget:

  • A photographer or videographer to document your educational outreach activities and events
  • An outreach reel (a three-to-five-minute clip from your film, specifically tailored to the interests of your target audience; provide closed captioning, if appropriate)
  • Design and duplication costs (Try to think of everything you might need during the course of the project, including invitations, a campaign logo, an RFP for a mini-grant, handouts or giveaways for conferences, signage, and notebooks for workshop leaders. To save on costs, you might simply design and print a logo sticker to add to word-processed materials.)
  • Local mileage (gas and tolls)
  • National travel to conferences and meetings with partners (airfare, hotels, cabs, food, per diem)
  • Food for meetings (When figuring the head count, don't forget to include yourselves among the participants.)
  • Honoraria for conference or workshop presenters
  • Conference registration fees or booth costs (Remember, if you get a booth at a conference, you'll need to include drayage among your costs. Drayage is the very high cost of having things shipped in and out of a conference center.)
  • A/V equipment rentals
  • Temps to help pull everything together for a workshop or conference
  • Supplies (for workshop presentations or activity testing)
  • A contingency line, because you can never anticipate everything!

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