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Here is a step-by-step process you can replicate for developing a Web site with your own production team, or in collaboration with an outside production team. Some Web development shops use a very linear approach -- develop content, pass it on to a graphic designer, then pass the files on to a Web developer (programmer). However, you' ll develop the most effective and well-integrated Web site if the key players from all three parts of the project -- editorial, design, and technical -- coordinate with each other right from the beginning. This can happen whether your Web production is in house or whether you're working with a vendor.

If you' re planning a site for PBS Online or for another similar educational service, there is a set of guidelines and deadlines you' ll need to follow. Most of what is described here fits into that process, but you should consult the latest version of that organization' s requirements. You can see PBS Online' s requirements in the PBS Web Production Manual.

If you're working with a vendor, your vendor should follow this or a similar procedure. You'll set one or more review milestones at each stage of the process, and you'll be serving as gatekeeper to project "stakeholders." Be sure that the bid you receive from the vendor includes all deliverables listed below that will be important for your project, clarify how much time you have for review, and how many and what types of revisions are allowed under the bid.

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