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At this stage, you're ready to assemble the project team. As with any production team, you should look for people who can work well together, complement each other's strengths, and have the requisite skills to carry out their jobs. When choosing staff, make sure to hire people who are sensitive to the issues of working in schools.

This is also the stage at which to recruit advisors, develop their contracts, and hold an advisory board meeting. The board should include a cross section of content experts and practitioners. Clearly define their roles and responsibilities, especially how they can best work with the production team throughout the project. Create written expectations about the review process, such as timelines for reviewing, specific kinds of questions that will be asked, and examples of helpful vs. not helpful comments.

Another aspect of this stage is to provide staff development opportunities for the staff to get steeped in the content. You may want to schedule "content school" led by an expert and/or practitioner for the project staff.

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