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An obvious product of your broadcast project will be a video program that you can distribute to educational audiences in videocassette or DVD format.

While this is a cost-effective way to bring your video to educational audiences, especially if you supplement it with a teacher's guide, programs for the general broadcast audience are often not useful for presentation in classrooms. They are generally too long for typical class sessions; the pacing and narration is geared for an adult audience; the approach to the content is narrative, not adequately focused for pedagogy; and the narrative elements, while wonderful for an adult audience, may not be interesting for kids, who scream, "What does this have to do with me?"

As a result, you may want to consider reworking or supplementing your video with other video-based elements more specifically targeted to educational audiences. These may include short-form videos for classroom use, teacher professional development videos, or enhanced DVDs.

Characteristics of Video Media
  • Video is the medium that you, as a producer, are most familiar with.

  • Video can be distributed as "hard copy" on videocassette or DVD, digitized and delivered on the Web or CD, or distributed through specialized educational channels.

  • Video is especially good at telling a story or showing things that require narrative structure or moving images.

  • Video often has an emotional impact. It's great at "taking you there and making you care."

  • Today, VCRs are widely accessible in classrooms and informal educational settings.

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