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Once your advisors have signed off on the treatment, you are ready to begin production. This is really no different from the video production with which you are already well acquainted. However, if you expect to stream these videos on the Web, consult a Web producer on the particulars of producing video for the Web. You should also identify your graphic needs and meet with your designer so the graphics will be ready when you need them for post-production.

Idiosyncratic to producing reversioned classroom videos is the interview process. You will want interviewees who can speak succinctly and at a level appropriate to your audience. They may have to carry difficult pedagogical content, so the questions you ask, in some cases, may need to be very direct and almost didactic. For example, in Building Big, an engineer was asked to provide an analogy to describe the foundation of a skyscraper and its structure. He did so by describing the building's foundation as the feet and the structure as the body. Special footage was shot to enhance that description.

At this stage you will also identify your graphic needs. Meet early on with your designer so the graphics are ready when you need them for post-production.

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