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At this stage you might want to assemble a "kitchen cabinet" of advisors, a mix of classroom practitioners and content experts who can help to refine the concept and suggest key elements to include.

Also during pre-production, assemble the production team. The size of the team will depend upon the scope of the video effort. For example, in the case of Building Big, there were two teams consisting of a producer, an associate producer, and an occasional production assistant.

Refine your production timeline so it correlates with a review process. Review stages should include treatment, rough cut, and fine cut. Intra-organizational staff as well as advisors should be built into the review loops. If required, include funders in the review loop as well.

Carefully review availability of rights for underlying broadcast material. Remember, clearing the broadcast program for audiovisual use does not necessarily include versioning rights. You should also be aware of WGA and DGA requirements.

At this stage, consult regularly with other members of the educational outreach team for compatibility and integration, including course developers, teacher's guide writers, Web site producers, and even graphic designers.

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