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In Search of Shakespeare:

Educational Outreach Elements


In Search of Shakespeare Web Site
View In Search of Shakespeare Web site
The In Search of Shakespeare Web site is the primary educational outreach element for the series. It includes educator resources, an interactive game, background information about the program, and additional resources.

  • For Educators: Shakespeare in the Classroom
    Developed in partnership with the Folger Shakespeare Library, these classroom resources are designed around six thematic strands: Shakespeare's Language, Shakespeare on Film, Performance, Primary Sources, Teaching Shakespeare to Elementary Students, and Teaching Shakespeare with Technology. Each theme area includes the following:

    • Professional Development: Case studies, articles, and quick tips designed to help educators bring Shakespeare to life in their classrooms
    • Lesson Plans: Interdisciplinary lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students
    • Resources: Print and online resources that continue the study of Shakespeare
    • Multimedia Digital Library: Video, images, and documents from In Search of Shakespeare to use in the classroom
    • In Your State: A searchable database of Shakespeare-related educational opportunities in local communities

The Playwright Game
View The Playwright Game

  • The Playwright Game
    This interactive game advertises for "One writer of plays needed for gainful employment." Choosing from heroes and topics, the playwright steadily develops his or her craft and career while simultaneously uncovering similar themes in Shakespeare's plays.

  • Discussion Forum
    Visitors to the Web site add comments or read what others are saying on this discussion board.

  • The Investigation: The Shakespeare Dossier
    Explore the events, people, and locations that shaped Shakespeare through a timeline, biographies, primary sources related to Shakespeare's life, a glossary defining some lesser-known Elizabethan words, synopses of Shakespeare's works, and a map of specific locations in Shakespeare's England. This section also includes "The Fribbling Reports," an entertaining exploration of the life and times of Shakespeare. The "Reports" follow John Fribbling, an entirely fictional agent of the state, in his dogged and ineffectual pursuit of one William Shakespeare, suspected Papist and known thinker.

  • The Show
    The Web site also includes information about the series, including episode descriptions, an interview with executive producer and author Michael Woods, and behind-the-scenes production information.

Person-to-Person Activities

Executive producer and author Woods spoke at screenings in several cities around the United States.

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