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Poetic License:

Educational Outreach Elements


Poetic License Curriculum Packet
The Poetic License Curriculum Packet was the main thrust of the project's educational outreach campaign. This standards-based packet, geared towards teachers and after-school directors, is intended to provide them with the tools to connect with their young writers. The packet is being distributed by NewVoices Media, the nonprofit organization founded by the film's director/producer. More than 500 packets have been sold since the film aired, mostly through the project's Web site.

Poetic License teacher's Guide
View teacher's guide cover

Viewer's Guide
This eight-page, two-color guide for facilitators offers writing exercises designed to get young people interested in writing and help them discover their own voice, initiate conversations with their peers, and probe and discuss some of the issues presented in the film. The guide also contains discussion points, instructions for producing a poetry slam, and a list of resources.

Teacher's Guide
Written by Youth Speaks and published by Heinemann Press, this 120-page guide is an invaluable tool for educators seeking to integrate spoken-word poetry into the classroom or after-school workshops.


Poetic License Web site
View Poetic License Web site

The Poetic License Web site is directed at educators and teens and features the following elements:

  • A Teacher's Lounge, which contains suggested writing exercises, a teacher discussion area, an e-newsletter, and general classroom resources
  • An innovative poet-to-poet online program hosted by the site that connects two classrooms and allows students to share and critique each other's poetry
Poetic License Youth Voice online poetry journal
View Youth Voice area

  • The Youth Voice area of the site, which provides teens the opportunity to submit their work online for publishing and includes a teen discussion area, a list of organizations and events in their local areas, an e-newsletter, and a poetry journal
  • The site also includes information about the program and order information for the curriculum packet.


Double CD
This audio resource contains more than 30 live performances from outstanding teen poets.

Person-to-Person Activities

The poet-to-poet program, available free to any sixth- to eighth-grade class, brings two classrooms together through the program Web site to share and critique each other's poetry.

Educational outreach events were held in more than 20 cities in conjunction with the documentary's broadcast. Mini-grant recipients hosted poetry slams and student/teacher workshops, and screenings were incorporated into most events.

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