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The New Americans:



  • The New Americans was aired by more than 250 public television stations, with a potential viewership of 2,690,000.

  • The Talk Back feature at elicited 576 messages from viewers.

  • During the month leading up to the broadcast, the ITVS Web site experienced 47,000 hits, triple the normal level of monthly traffic. There were also 6,442 downloads from the site during that period, which reflects an active use of various resources, particularly The New Americans Series Guide and Activity Book.

  • The New Americans e-newsletter had 1,165 subscribers.

  • Thirty-two states and 120 communities were represented on an interactive map that detailed events, workshops, and screenings held prior to broadcast. These New Americans community events were planned through collaborations with our national partners, including public television stations, higher education, ESOL educators, and business- and immigrant-serving organizations. They reached thousands of students, faculty, and community members, including many "new Americans," and these events helped build a bridge to diverse communities.

  • ITVS received more than 160 offers of financial assistance and other support from viewers who wanted to help the families in the film.

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