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The New Americans:

Challenges & Lessons Learned

The community outreach campaign for The New Americans spanned close to three years, produced some significant challenges, and taught some valuable lessons. The New Americans' national effort to reach a wide and diverse range of constituencies translated into an enormous amount of excitement and energy for the project. It also added to the complexity of managing the project. In creating a campaign to strategically address the needs of various constituencies as well as strengthen community partners' efforts to reach these constituencies, the producers found that they needed to address the complexity that always arises when managing partnerships. Community partners sometimes had competing objectives, constituencies, and levels of structure and processes. For instance, some of the resources created by one partner crossed over into the goals, objectives, and constituencies of other partners. While this validated the importance of and need for the community engagement campaign, it also created additional challenges in administering, communicating, and coordinating how each of the educational materials could be integrated into the various pieces of the campaign. The producers had to ensure that lines of communication flowed easily and effortlessly between partners so that they could work closely to support and supplement each other's activities.

One of many lessons learned was that community partners found it valuable to work with the series and the various educational resources over an extended period of time. This time was needed for the partners to absorb and digest the goals, objectives, and resources of the campaign and helped them to implement their projects in a more integrated manner.

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