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Educational Outreach Elements


Pre-Broadcast Brochure
One hundred thousand, five hundred copies were distributed to high school science department chairs, high school biology teachers, high school principals, and public television station outreach departments, describing all the different project elements and offering the opportunity to order the teacher's guide.

Evolution teacher's guide
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Teacher's Guide
Distributed to 124,000 educators and administrators, the teacher's guide provides units modeling how to integrate all the Evolution series, video, and Web-based resources around specific questions, among them: What is the nature of science? What is the evidence for evolution? Why does evolution matter now? The guide offers different pathways through the material depending on what is being taught in the classroom, strategies for dealing with controversy around evolution, assessment rubrics, and a series index that breaks each program into small, annotated segments to make it easier for teachers to use the series in the classroom. The Evolution teacher's guide is also available in an online version through the project Web site.


Evolution Web site
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The Evolution Web site is a comprehensive educational experience packed with interactive features that allow users to test evolutionary principles in action. The site is geared to a general popular adult audience (viewers of the Evolution broadcast and those seeking an independent Web experience) and high school students and science teachers interested in exploring evolutionary science and the impact of evolution on society.

The Web site includes the following:

  • Twenty-one content-rich, interactive activities -- including experimental simulations, interactive timelines, virtual environments, and online forums -- that facilitate experiential learning
Evolution Library
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Evolution Web site: teachers and students section
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  • The Evolution Library, which features direct Web access to hundreds of multimedia evolution resources, including video, photographs, interviews, articles, and annotated Web links
  • An evolution FAQ and a glossary of evolution terms
  • An extensive Teachers & Students section of the Web site which presents an array of resources for learning about and teaching evolution. Included in this section:
    • Learning Evolution: Produced in tandem with the Evolution teacher's guide, these inquiry-based, teacher-assigned online lessons provide students with online activities to enhance their understanding of the nature of science and evolution.
    • Teaching Evolution: This eight-session online course for high school teachers draws on the broadcast series, Web features, case study videos, and the Evolution Library to provide a vibrant learning experience. The course is designed to deepen teachers' understanding of evolutionary concepts and to help them address obstacles to teaching evolution.
    • Streamed professional development videos for teachers and classroom videos for students
    • An online version of the Evolution teacher's guide
    • Project information


Learning and Teaching Evolution video cover
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Videos for Students
Evolving Ideas: These seven short classroom videos (streamed on the series Web site and available for purchase on videocassette) combine storytelling and science to explore the concepts of evolution and spark students' interest.

Videos for Teachers
Teaching Evolution Case Studies: Four 15-minute professional development videos (streamed on the series Web site and available for purchase on videocassette) that highlight a range of strategies for teaching evolution in classrooms across the country.

Person-to-Person Activities

  • A Lead Teacher Initiative was held, which trained a cadre of 25 teachers to run Evolution workshops around the country.

  • Evolution participated in major conferences, including the National Science Teachers Association and National Association of Biology Teachers conferences, through panel discussions, teacher-training workshops, and a booth for distribution of educational outreach materials.

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