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More than 11,000 teachers have subscribed to the Evolution teacher listserv.

Teacher's Guide
Demand for the Evolution teacher's guide outstripped the initial print run of 94,000 guides. Thirty thousand additional guides were printed and used to fulfill requests, distribute at conferences, and complete another mailing to biology teachers. (Previous evaluation of teacher's guides associated with science series such as NOVA have shown that each guide is shared among an average of four teachers and used with approximately 70 students.)

Teaching Evolution: Online Course for Teachers
More than a dozen course license agreements have been completed to date with educational organizations around the country. Many more license agreements are pending. More than 50 organizations have expressed a desire to use at least some portion of the course with their students. Northeastern University in Boston has launched a customized version of the online course for teachers. The initial offering was almost filled to capacity. Additional offerings will be made in the 2002-03 academic year.

Lead Teacher Initiative
More than 120 applications were received for 25 Lead Teacher positions. In the end, 31 teachers were chosen. Each teacher completed a minimum of two workshops for colleagues throughout their districts and states, reaching more than 1,200 high school biology teachers nationwide. Some teachers have also published articles about the Evolution project in professional journals, such as The American Biologist and Science Teachers.

Evolution Online
The Web site has received almost two million IP visitors since its launch. The Teachers and Students section has consistently been the first or second top-accessed subdirectory (that is, where a visitor goes after the home page).

Awards and Kudos
The Evolution Web site, student videos, teacher videos, brochure, and teacher's guide received numerous awards and recognition from their respective media associations.

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