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Series Description

A seven-part, eight-hour series that examines evolutionary science and its profound effect on our lives and our planet. Premiered fall 2001.

Funders (and resulting constraints)

Clear Blue Sky Productions (co-producer)

Educational Outreach Budget Range

Very large (over $500K)

Educational Outreach "Producers"

The educational outreach materials and person-to-person activities were handled by WGBH Educational Print and Outreach staff, the short video by WGBH Educational Programming staff, and the Web site by WGBH Interactive staff. A project director served as the communication linchpin between all the different departments and the production, holding biweekly meetings and helping facilitate communication among project teams.


National Association for Biology Teachers, National Science Teachers Association

In this section:

    Auschwitz: Inside the
    Nazi State

    Building Big

    Culture Shock


>  Evolution

        Goals & Audience

        Outreach Elements


        Challenges &
        Lessons Learned

    In Search of Shakespeare

    Lewis & Clark:
    The Journey of the
    Corps of Discovery

    My Journey Home

    The New Americans

    Poetic License


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