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Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State:



At this writing, the outreach for the project is very much in progress, so it is difficult to assess final outcomes. The following outcomes, however, had been achieved by May 2005:

  • In addition to the 70,000 posters distributed via mailing lists, more than 1,200 copies of the poster were requested via e-mail as a result of outreach promotional strategies.
  • A Google search on the series title yields almost 400 entries, many of which represent secondary and tertiary organizations that picked up project information from a variety of outreach initiatives.
  • Many stations rebroadcast the series in late April and early May in conjunction with Yom Hashoah, the Jewish holiday that commemorates the Holocaust (the Shoah).
  • Many stations not awarded outreach grants have, nonetheless, completed outreach initiatives around the series.
  • Each of the first two teacher-training workshops was attended by more than 50 participants from 21 school districts in southeastern Michigan and high schools in New York City.

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