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Goals & Audience


The overall goal of the educational outreach was to educate children and adults about this vastly important but misunderstood continent.

Target Audience

  • Fifth to eighth graders
  • Educators
  • Community groups
  • Public television stations
  • Local educational outreach
  • Organizations and individuals with an interest in Africa and its relationship to the United States
  • Policymakers, including legislators, public officials, leaders of aid and development agencies, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Standards Addressed

Africa addressed national educational standards for both middle school geography and social studies.

For geography, Africa covers:

  • Standards 4 and 6: Places and Regions
  • Standards 10 and 11: Human Systems
  • Standards 14, 15, and 16: Environment and Society

For social studies, Africa covers:

  • Standard 1: Culture
  • Standard 4: Individual Development and Identity
  • Standard 7: Production, Distribution, and Consumption
  • Standard 9: Global Connections

For more information on the National Geography Standard for grades 5-8, contact the National Council for Geographic Education at 724-357-6290, or go to

For more information on the 10 strands of National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), call NCSS Publications at 800-683-0812, or go to

In this section:

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        Outreach Elements

        Outcomes, Challenges
        & Lessons Learned

    Auschwitz: Inside the
    Nazi State

    Building Big

    Culture Shock



    In Search of Shakespeare

    Lewis & Clark:
    The Journey of the
    Corps of Discovery

    My Journey Home

    The New Americans

    Poetic License


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